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Deathcare In The UK

What is Deathcare in the UK?Deathcare is a term that is used to describe any business or organisation that provides products or services related to death. Examples of deathcare include crematoria, coffin makers, headstone suppliers, and of course, funeral

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How To Advertise Funeral Services

Of all the industries that operate in the UK, the funeral industry is one of the few to always be guaranteed customers. In 2021, 586,334 deaths were recorded in England and Wales; while this is a decrease from the

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What Does A Modern Funeral Director Look Like?

Photo by The Good Funeral Guide / UnsplashThe deathcare industry is changing. While many people think of funeral care as a traditional business immune to the passing of time, this is not the case. Keeping up with the latest changes and

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How to Prepare Atheist Funeral Services

Photo by Külli Kittus / UnsplashNot all funerals have to be religious. 37.2% of the UK population claim to be either atheist or having no religion. As well as atheists, who disbelieve the existence of a God, there are plenty

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