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Funeral Management Software

Obit is a cloud-based Web Application designed in partnership with funeral directors to meet the needs of the modern funeral director. Your data is secure and accessible in the cloud, meaning you can work from anywhere, be it the office, your home or out on call.

Reduced Admin Time

Decrease the amount of time you spend on funeral administration by ensuring you enter information only once and in one place, Obit. Common tasks, like generating Death Notices or Invoices are then just a click away.

Better Staff Coordination

Once your funeral arrangements are set-up your staff can consult the Schedule directly or you can send them an email update with their schedule for the day. This allows for better coordination with less communication overhead and less chance of error.

Ease of Use

Obit has been designed with ease of use in mind. Most users can start using it with minimal training and no large manual.

Work from Home

Obit is entirely cloud-based which enables you to perform all admin tasks from the comfort of your own home.



Quickly see an overview of the arrangements for a particular day (or days) and alert staff via email about their tasks.

Professional Documents

Create professional documents for a variety of uses, Death Notices, Letters, Quotations, Invoices and Statements. We provide you with plenty of default templates but you can customise them to your liking.


Obit allows you to keep tabs on every aspect of your accounts. You can search by invoice number or funeral reference or generate reports to see at a glance who owes you money and if any action is needed.
We can also track your cash flow and help you manage your bank lodgements and disbursement payments.
All of this can then be exported to CSV, Excel or Sage, ready for your accountant to produce your final accounts with ease.

Generate Reports

Plot charts to see how business is progressing compared to the previous year. Or see where your new clients are coming from by plotting their locations on a map.

Notices & Condolences

With Obit it's simple to publish your death notices directly to your own website. Once setup it’s simply a case of hitting the publish button on a notice from within Obit and it will be live on your website for your customers to see. Friends of the deceased can also leave condolence messages which you receive directly in Obit and can collate into a Condolences Book for the family.


We have taken every precaution to ensure your data is absolutely secure.


All data over the wire is encrypted by SSL TLS 1.3. Both between client and our application server and also between our application server and the database. It is also encrypted at rest.

Redundancy / Fault Resilience

The Obit database is located in the main Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data Centre in Dublin. It consists of a three node, high availability cluster, meaning that should any node fail, two others are waiting to take over. As well as this, each of these servers is located in a different Availability Zone which means it has its own redundant power & networking and is housed in a separate facility, so should anything happen to one, the others will take over, ensuring uninterrupted access to your data.

Regular Backups

We backup up all the data several times a day meaning the backed-up data is never more than a few hours behind the live data.

Two Factor Authentication

Obit has two levels of TFA available. By default we will notify you by email when you login from a new location. You can also choose to increase security by requiring a verification link to be clicked in the email before login is allowed from the new location.


Interested in joining us but stuck using a legacy system ?

We have migrated our current customers from a variety of platforms, everything from spreadsheets, SobiPro to Eulogica. Contact us and we can arrange a free assessment of what migrating your business to Obit would entail.

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What our clients say


I have been using obit funeral management software for the past two years and it has enhanced our administration procedures immensely. The obit system is so easy and flexible to use, allowing me to administer funerals with ease whilst on the move. The 24/7 support from Richard and his team is second to none.

Joanne Cooney - James Cooney Funeral Directors
Joanne Cooney – James Cooney Funeral Directors

We have been using obit for 2 years and it has made day-to-day management of funerals very easy,no matter what location someone is at, as we can simply log on to get an overview and schedule events accordingly, without having to make phone calls to several others to check about scheduling.

Neal Massey - Rom Massey & Sons
Neal Massey – Rom Massey & Sons

The cloud-based nature of Obit is an added advantage. We’ve found that the support received when needed has been excellent.

Anthony Oosthuizen - Hyde Funeral Directors
Anthony Oosthuizen – Hyde Funeral Directors

Since the implementation of Obit in our company we have standardised and improved our organisation, workflow and communication while ensuring that all services and products supplied are properly tracked, invoiced and paid for. This clearly improved the quality of our service to our families and clients.

John-Mark Griffin - Griffin’s Funerals (Launch customer and design consultant)
John-Mark Griffin – Griffin’s Funerals (Launch customer and design consultant)

I’m delighted to have been one of the first Funeral Directors to use Obit and have found it a very good fit for our business. Being able to access and update our funeral records while out of the office is particularly useful.

Colin Bulman - Egan Funeral Directors
Colin Bulman – Egan Funeral Directors

Publishing death notices automatically from Obit to our website has helped us jump to the top of the list locally on web searches. The standard of the invoices and other documents is very professional. The continuous flow of developments and improvements is brilliant.

Tom Lawless - Lawless Funeral Directors
Tom Lawless – Lawless Funeral Directors

One of our main reasons for switching to the Obit software package was the ability it had to integrate with our accounting package. The team at Obit have been with us every step of the way, with the response times from Mark and the team on the support side second to none. Every request we have made has been met with positivity. Obit continuously delivers on a daily basis and has streamlined our practices allowing tighter scheduling and increased productivity from our staff.

Susan Maguire - Massey Bros. Funeral Directors
Susan Maguire – Massey Bros. Funeral Directors

The Team

John-Mark Griffin
John-Mark Griffin Funeral Director / Consultant

John-Mark is a Director of Griffin Funeral Directors, a company with over 150 years of experience in that business. He was the primary design consultant in the development of Obit and Griffins Funeral Directors were instrumental in testing and improving the product.

Richard Lynch
Richard Lynch Managing Director

Before co-founding Lytesoft in 2015, Richard came from a background in global logistics and manufacturing having overseen everything from the implementation of Inventory Management systems to the planning and construction of aircraft maintenance hangars.

Mark Lynch
Mark Lynch Technical Director

Mark started programming when he received his Commodore 64, aged 9, and hasn’t stopped since. He has worked in PC, Console and Mobile gaming, specialising in Artificial Intelligence and Video Streaming, and in 2015 he co-founded Lytesoft to develop SaaS solutions for enterprise.

Antonio Castelli
Antonio Castelli Senior Developer

Toni joined Lytesoft after a few years as CTO of Flipship, a company he co-founded, which provided a social logistics platform. His wealth of experience in SaaS development has helped push Obit to new limits.

Kinda Youssef
Kinda Youssef Graphic Designer

Kinda has many years of experience in company branding and graphic design. Whilst finishing her Ph.D in fine arts she somehow finds time to make sure Obit is both elegant and functional, with a consistent UX across the product.

Pricing Plans

Transparent pricing starting from:

10 /funeral

(excl. VAT)

We offer volume discounts and migration assistance.

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