Remote Working

Obit offers everything you need to enable your business to work remotely.

Work Remotely Illustration

Any Device

Obit has been designed from the outset to be cloud native, meaning it will work using any modern device or computer. All that you need is an updated browser.


Obit works wherever you have an internet connection, be it from your office; working from home; out on a job or on your commute. Quickly pickup where you left off with your work wherever the day's events might take you.

Full Mobile Functionality

We realise that Funeral Directors are often called away at a moments notice and often face last minute schedule updates. Obit's mobile version is fully featured and allows you to react to these and reschedule funerals directly on your mobile.

Internal Communication

As well as enabling working remotely, Obit also has a sophisticated notification system to allow staff members to keep uptodate and reduce the number of phone calls and emails required.